We Work Harder So You Can Work Smarter

Virtually Mine Enterprises  believes in hard work, commitment, and dedication to our customers and the community.  We do our homework to develop a clear understanding of your business and community where you work and live.  Our virtual assistants are an extension of your business working as a partner.  This level of dedication allows VME to do the hard work, so you can work smarter.  Let’s work together as a team to achieve goals from start to finish!

Our Virtual Assistants are Called Virtual Pro's
(VP's for Short)


We offer flexibility for the customer to work with VP’s matching complimentary skills to the business need. The result is a higher quality of work and tasks take less time.


A VP can manage your schedule, so you can focus on your business and set priorities. The customer is the most highly skilled to move their business forward. Get rid of the distractions and we'll take care of them for you.


A VP affords the customer valuable time to handle urgent, imperative matters that arise and all the important little things that do not get done or are overlooked.


A VP is an industry professional using technology to the fullest. Their services keep the customers business in the forefront by using the latest technology for a businesses competitive edge.

Book VP’s by the hour or a block of hours via a package. 

We Work on the little things so you can get to the big things!

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